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Mega Tourism Project Officially Approved for Patriata

Patriata Tourism Project

The plan includes the creation of a contemporary food court, artisanal craft shops, thrilling zip-lining experiences, and an array of exciting attractions.

Punjab Tourism Department Approves Ambitious Project for 2023-24

In a bid to elevate the tourism appeal of Patriata, a beloved tourist haven situated in the newly established Murree district, the Punjab Tourism Department has given the green light to a significant project under the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for 2023-24, with an estimated budget of Rs63.86 million.

Promoting Camping, Scouting, and Culinary Diversity

The primary objective of this project is to enhance the comfort and recreational offerings for tourists and families, with a special focus on promoting activities like camping, scouting, and diverse culinary experiences.

Diverse Food Court, Arts and Crafts Shops, and Thrilling Adventures

Under this initiative, a versatile food court will be constructed, offering a fusion of traditional and contemporary cuisine options. Additionally, the project includes the establishment of arts and crafts shops, thrilling zip-lining facilities, wall climbing opportunities, and picturesque walking paths.

Gateway to Malika-e-Kohsar Murree

Patriata holds the distinction of being the inaugural tourist destination on the route from Rawalpindi and Islamabad to the enchanting Malika-e-Kohsar Murree. Recently, a modern lift has been upgraded and activated to further enrich the overall experience for incoming tourists.

Adding Ample Parking and Scenic Recreational Areas

As part of the comprehensive plan to enhance Patriata’s appeal, a newly constructed and spacious parking area has been incorporated into the site. Additionally, recreational areas have been meticulously developed alongside the pristine canals, which are nourished by the cold spring waters flowing from the surrounding hills.

A Gastronomic Journey for Twin Cities’ Tourists

Tourists hailing from the twin cities will now have the opportunity to savor a diverse range of culinary delights during their visit to Patriata. This includes a delectable selection of both traditional and contemporary dishes such as Saag Lassi, Chatti Lassi, Corn Bread, and an assortment of indigenous homemade and modern foods sourced from the local market.

Fostering Economic Opportunities and Showcasing Local Talent

This visionary project extends self-employment prospects to Patriata and its neighboring regions, creating a ripple effect of economic opportunities. Furthermore, it provides a platform for local women to exhibit and sell a wide array of handmade and machine-made items in the arts and crafts shops, thereby supporting and showcasing their talent and creativity.

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