Murree – A Guide to The Stunning Hill Station

Murree Hill Station in Pakistan

Well, how many of you love to visit places full of nature and enough to entice your mood? Indeed it’s a desire of all of us to travel and see attractive spots that help to replenish our mood.

When it comes to vacations or traveling, most people prefer to plan the places in the winter season, and among them, one of Pakistan’s highly recommended spots is to visit Murree.

Murree is one of the well-known and prominent mountainous resort cities. It is located in the Galyar Region of the Pir-Panjal range. The place is 7,517 feet above sea level and was founded in the 18th century by the British. Additionally, this mountainous area is bounded by the Jhelum River in the east, Abbottabad and Haripur to the West and the North, the capital territory Islamabad to the southwest, and the Kotli Sattian town of district Rawalpindi to the South.

Murree is more than just a favorite and recommended spot for Pakistanis. Still, internationally, people from all over the world travel to visit Murree and other Pakistan’s northern areas.

Despite the Murree, there are so many other essential things that you must know as a Murree tourist. So, instead of dragging it further, today’s article is based on the overview Murree guide, and I jot down all the primary facts about why Murree is the favorite tourist spot and what makes Murree appealing.

Murree Rawalpindi Punjab

When we talk about Murree in Punjab is a beautiful tourist spot in all seasons. It doesn’t matter in which season you visit the Murree in Rawalpindi; each season will give you a different vibe and make your visit memorable.

Generally speaking, Murree Hills is famous for its resorts, mountains, and gorgeous valleys. People in the city prefer to visit Murree hill station to enjoy the fresh air, scenic beauty of nature, dense green trees, chilly winds in winter, and a peaceful night with their family or dear ones.

In other words, Murree is also well-known as the new couple’s honeymoon destination, as most new couples prefer to spend their early days in the queen of hills and enjoy a beautiful new journey with their partners.

Famous and Attractive Places to Visit in Murree

Although the entire Murree hill station is beautiful, some famous Murree tourist spots prioritize it most. The Murree hills are among the most common names that come on top of the list.

It doesn’t matter if you are visiting first time or already exploring; in both conditions visiting again, the Murree hills is a must-deal for tourists. Apart from the islamabad Murree, there are also so many tremendous spots that make the stay enjoyable and adventurous.

If you plan to visit, remember to explore the jotted-down Murree tour places with your dear ones.

  • Ayubia National Park (ideal family and kid’s picnic spot)
  •  Patriata Chair Lift (world-class 7 km long cable cars and chair lift thrilling experience)
  •  GPO Chowk of Murree
  •  Dunga Gali
  •  Nathia Gali (one of the tremendous and most visited spots in Murree)
  •  Kohala (a fantastic place that leads you towards the Neelam point and an outstanding waterfall)
  •  Murree Mall Road (a road which is loaded with lots of foods, shops, restaurants, and Souvenir shops)
  •  Bhurban (one of the spectacular landscape places that lead directly toward Azad Kashmir)
  •  Upper and Lower Topa (worth seeing a spot in Murree)
  •  Murree ExpressWay (if you genuinely want to enjoy nature and sceneries, then this is the best place for you guys to consider)
  •  Ghora Gali (an area that is full of food, resorts, and view)
  •  Bandar Point
  •  Changla Gali
  •  Pindi Point
  •  Kashmir Point (if you want to see the breathtaking mountains of Kashmir and Kohistan views or the enormous nanga Parbat then visit this spot)
  •  Khanaspur (beautiful sight view for tourists)

Isn’t it great? Indeed. It is.

Why Murree Known as the Queen of Hills in Pakistan?

Murree in Pakistan is known as the queen of hill spots or the top-notch, highly visited hill station in Pakistan. The reason behind this is simple. 

Murree in Pakistan attracts tourists because of its nature, serene beauty, and attractive climbing spots. On the other hand, it also offers reliable and flexible resorts so that any tourist or visitor can easily stay and spend some cherished and quality time with their loved ones. Plus, most resorts and hotels are built on climbing places, which fascinates the visitors most when they visit Murree.

On the other hand, it is also a queen of hill stations because of its lavish and well-maintained climbing road infrastructure.

Islamabad residents or residents from the Punjab side who plan to visit always consider the Murree Islamabad adventurous road trip route. The reason for taking the Murree Islamabad route is that it is one of the easiest and straight routes and ideal for those traveling by road with their families and friends.

Apart from the Islamabad Murree route, there isn’t any accessible option for road travelers to reach Murree.

The Essential Guide to Murree: A Must-Visit Destination

However, there are some other specific facts that you should know about Murree. Suppose you are visiting the Murree for the first time. In that case, the ideal visiting months are between April and October because in between these months, you can truly enjoy this hilltop destination and make memories.

Furthermore, for international and new couples, there are also some Murree Pakistan tour packages that many tour companies offer. You can also consider Murree in Pakistan exclusive tour packages and enjoy your days in Murree freely without any stress.

But yes, while hunting Murree in Pakistan tourist packages, make sure you have done a little research, and remember to check out the reviews and ratings of the tourist company. It will help keep you away from scams, bankruptcy, and fraud.

Wait, this is not the end; there is much more you need to know about Murree Pakistan.

Some locals are planning a Murree trip and are concerned about the cost. No need to worry about it. The package of visiting Murree is affordable, and international travelers know Pakistan is the most affordable and cheapest tourist destination spot. Besides this, locals can also afford their expenses because of the exclusive Murree packages from tourist companies.

After reading the above-mentioned detailed overview of Murree Pakistan, I hope you know why thousands of locals and international tourists visit Murree every year. And what are the main reasons behind their visits that fascinates them most about Murree?

So what else do you want? Let’s plan and visit Murree, the queen of hills and explore all the thrilling and tremendous serene hill beauty and nature instead of regrets.

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