Explored The Place Known by The Name of Kohala Bridge?

Neelum Point Kohala Bridge Murree

It doesn’t matter where you live and from which place you belong when it comes to traveling, so we all have a heart that wants to wander the places that attract and fascinate us most, and among them, the list of most visiting places in Murree are the places that are cold and enough to provide the cold breezing mornings and chilly nights.

Instead of delaying further, by the title’s name, you are au fait that my today’s content is all about the Kohala in which I try to highlight all the top facts about this Kohala bridge that makes it popular and prominent.

Insights About Kohala Bridge

Across the Jhelum River is the bridge located by the name of Kohala. People often called it Kohala Bridge. The reason behind this is that this bridge is located in the town of Kohala, which is situated 38 kilometers north of Murree and 35 kilometers south of Muzzafarabad. So tourists who prefer to visit Kashmir from Murree use the road, and in between their road trips, they can quickly point out this bridge and spot.

Kohala Picnic Point

Despite this, apart from the Kohala Bridge, another thing that attracts tourists most Kohala town is the Kohala picnic point. Aside from the river bridge, there are some picnic spots for families. Those coming from Islamabad, Murree, and also from Kashmir, so in between this Kohala middle destination, can enjoy the Jhelum River sitting, known as the Kohala picnic point.

These people come with their dear ones and families and stay for some quick refreshment, dinner, and breakfast, enjoy quality time and weather, and then move towards their destination.

In other words, this picnic point is a resting middle place for tourists to quickly replenish their mood and get some relaxing hours.

Kohala Hydropower Project and Kohala Waterfalls

Apart from the bridge and picnic point aspects, for those who are nature lovers and want to explore something natural and iconic then for visiting the Kohala waterfalls, especially the Sabri waterfall, is an excellent deal. This place is near the Kohala picnic point, so tourists can easily see and enjoy the Kohala waterfalls.

Isn’t it great? Indeed it is.

Despite this, on the other side, the Kohala hydropower project is also one of the best projects, or to the agreement, which was recently signed in 2020. This is the river high head project based on three hundred and sixteen meters and is nearly located at Kohala. If you, as a tourist, are interested in exploring this project, you can also visit the Kohala hydropower project.

The mentioned above are the main facts that make this Kohala place most attractive in the eyes of a tourist.

In the future, if you are planning to visit Murree or Kashmir, then take the chance to explore Kohala town. Staying there will not just amaze you but also helps to make you some excellent and unforgettable memories.

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