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Kashmir Point: A Peaceful Retreat in The Hills of Murree

Kashmir point murree

When you see and check Google before traveling so no doubt there are loads and dozens of places and spots that you can easily see In your Google search results but what if I tell you a one spot that gives you a soothing natural view and also makes your traveling worth it? Indeed you guys would love to know about that.

So before hitting directly to the spot let me tell you one thing that when it comes to traveling, especially in Pakistan, the northern areas are one of the best places for you guys to travel. The beauty of the northern side of Pakistan is totally undeniable and unmatchable among the series of northern areas. One of the economical or you can say a budget-friendly deal is to consider and explore the beauty of Murree.

When you search Murree so no doubt there are so many stories and heaps of spotting and visiting places you can see and get from the Google but today I am going to suggest you a place or you can say a spot that not just defines and covers the entire nature beauty but also a worth watching and worth time spending place for yourself alone as well as your dear ones too.

It doesn’t matter if you travel alone or if you go and visit that place with your family, friends, or dear ones. In all situations this place itself Is enough to appeal to you and replenish your mood.

Without dragging this further, let’s get the ball rolling and unveil the enticing facts of the Kashmir point Murree together.


When it comes to the Kashmir point Murree, the Kashmir point itself is very beautiful or in other words you can say that it is a scenic spot/place in Murree for the tourists. This place is basically located in the mall road and from this spot you can see a clear classic view of mountains and other lavish appealing natural beauty as well. Every day hundreds and thousands of people (tourists) go and visit that spot and enjoy the scenic beauty experience.

The beauty of this place is that this point is around seven thousand and five hundred feet above sea level so it’s like one of the highest views at the location.

Tourists who visit Murree and mall road must visit this spot and make some unforgettable moments and memories. The ideal time of visiting this place is in winter or the summer mid June and July that’s why in winter or in the mid June and July, Murree itself is one of the busiest tourist hubs or spots where the entire national and international tourists come and explore this hill station.

But wait, this is not the end; there is a lot more that you need to know about this Kashmir point Murree.


The place is also famous from the name of the Kashmir picnic point why because it’s like a 15 to 20 minutes walk from the Murree mall road GPO and after this you can climb and see the beauty of hill and mountains but despite the view and scenic beauty this place is also one of the best place for the picnic especially for kids. So it doesn’t matter if you are visiting this place with your kids because for kids there are also a lot of things to enjoy and explore including markets, eating spots, prominent buildings and spots to explore and so on.

Isn’t it great? indeed it is.

I hope after reading the above points you are clear what makes Kashmir picnic point prominent in Murree and why you should along with your dear ones go and explore this place.

Despite this, if you feel this is not enough or you want to know more in detail about this place or anything else then feel free to write to me down. I would love to counter your queries and try my level best to come up with some more relevant and researched suggestions and recommendations for the sake of your smooth and better exploring.

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