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Changla Gali | Murree’s Coolest Destination for Winter Sports

Changla Gali

When it comes to traveling, it’s undoubtedly a desire of all of us to explore appealing and adventurous places. Like human nature, some people have different traveling aspects; some prefer to explore the beauty of nature, whereas others prefer to explore the local street lights and traditions.

But what if I tell you a place that gives you an appealing and natural view and offers you an adventurous mountainous range fully covered with a loaded of trees? Indeed you guys want to explore that place. To consider this, today’s article is about Murree’s coolest destination spot.

When we talk about Murree so, undoubtedly, Murree itself is a place with so many beautiful areas and places for tourists; every passing day, hundreds and thousands of people visit Murree as a tourist and enjoy the beauty of Murree with their dear ones. But despite the Murree, today I will highlight one of the main and the coolest destinations for winter sports or for winter enjoying the CHANGLA GALI.

Those who are lovers of traveling, mountainous, and resort towns are familiar with this place, but if you are still waiting to learn about this place or even exploring the northern beauty of Pakistan for the first time, then no worries.

Brief Background and Overview of Changla Gali

This Changla Gali is a mountainous resort, or the resort towns of galyat, Pakistan. The altitude of this place is around 2559m. If I traced the history back to British rule, this place was also the headquarters of a northern command school of musketry.

This Changla Gali is located in the SEER GARBI, a union council of the district Abbottabad; this place is situated 16km north of the famous galyat town of Murree in the neighbourhood of Rawalpindi.

So those who are planning to visit and explore this place via road keep in mind that they need to pick the correct route. The ideal path for this place is from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.

Staying Credentials:

Despite this, if you are coming and visiting this place for the first time, I know that you guys must be thinking and quite worried about staying and all. 

So no need to worry about that; there are loads of beautiful resorts and hotels that offer you economical budget offers, but all you need to do before booking your reservations in any hotel or resort is the comparison. Instead of booking frequently, ensure that you have compared the estimated price with others and then pick the one you think is reliable and under your budget.

Isn’t it a great trick to do? Indeed it is.

After reading the above facts, you are clear about what makes the changla Gali prominent and why people love and prefer to visit this place as the place itself is undoubtedly natural and enough to replenish your moods and minds.

If you want unforgettable moments, try out this changla Gali northern beauty with your dear ones.

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