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Hiking to the Summit of Mushkpuri Top | An Adventure of a Lifetime

Mushkpuri Top Hiking

Mushkpuri Peak is in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Nathia Gali Hills in the northern part of Pakistan. It is the second-highest peak in the Galiyat Region between Abbottabad and Murree. Throughout the year, Mushkpuri Tops attract a significant number of hikers.

Mushkpuri Top is a popular hiking destination, known for its scenic views and challenging trail. The hike to the summit can be an adventure of a lifetime, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities and scenic beauty. The route involves a climb up a mountain, passing through lush forests and picturesque landscapes. Hikers are rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the surroundings at the summit.


The two paths ascending to the peak from Donga Gali and Nathia Gali, respectively, can be used to access the Mushkpuri Tops. The first trail, 2.5 kilometers long and significantly steeper, departs from Donga Gali. This trail requires about three hours of walking.

The most popular and generally simpler journey, on the other side, starts from Nathia Gali. This path leads to the peak after a steady but protracted hike that lasts a little over 3 hours.


The best time to go is during the spring and summer months if you intend to trek, hike, or ride to the Mushkpuri Tops. Winter climbing can be difficult and is not recommended due to the unpredictability of the weather.


You can drive, take the bus, or even fly to Islamabad if you’re travelling from Karachi or other Pakistani cities. Continue driving on the Murree Expressway or take a rideshare to the Abbottabad side of the Galis Road by travelling an additional 90 kilometers north of Islamabad.

You climb, trek, or ride horses to the Mushkpuri tops after arriving at the Donga Gali or Nathia Gali, depending on which path to Mushkpuri you choose to take.


There are many sites and activities to choose from on the journey to Mushkpuri Tops Hiking. Along the Mushkpuri trails from the Donga Gali path, you may see and even take a little diversion to the renownedly large Ayubia National Park. The lush meadows and stunning natural pine trees that surround the top provide amazing vistas of entertainment for visitors.

You can also see the University of Science and Technology of Abbottabad, Circle Bakote, the Bagh District of Azad Kashmir, the Jhelum River, the city of Murree, and the capital Islamabad from the eastern side of the tracks.

When the weather is clear, you can see Nanga Parbat, a popular tourist destination, in the distance from the Mushkpuri Tops.

Some of the most important activities for visitors to the Mushkpuri summit are horseback riding and holding a campfire at the Mushkpuri Tops while taking in the peace and fresh air.

It is not advised to camp on the mountaintop. A refuge for animals, particularly hill leopards, surrounds Mushkpuri. Camping at this mountain is thus not thought to be safe.


Mushkpuri Top is in a natural environment, and as a result, there is a diverse range of flora and fauna.


The area around Mushkpuri Top is characterized by lush, green forests. A variety of trees, shrubs, and other plants can be found along the trail, including oak, pine, and rhododendron. Some of the plants found in the area are unique to the region and not found anywhere else in the world.


The diverse ecosystem around Mushkpuri Top is home to a variety of wildlife, including birds and small mammals. Some common species that can be seen in the area include partridges, eagles, and deer. Hikers may also encounter reptiles, such as snakes and lizards, along the trail.

Overall, the flora and fauna of Mushkpuri peak add to the overall experience of the hike, providing opportunities to observe and appreciate the natural beauty of the area.


My dad and I chose to take the Donga Gali Hiking Trail after arriving at Galis Road to add a little more adventure to our hike to Mushkpuri Top.

The track grew harder and steeper as I began to ascend. Our breathing was first difficult to control, our hearts were pounding, and I initially doubted my ability to finish the hike. Throughout the trek, we stopped for brief, frequent breaks and drank enough water to maintain a balance in the oxygen levels.

Overall, the journey to the Mushkpuri Top was a magnificent adventure. I was enchanted by the splendor of nature, with the deep ravines on one side and the clusters of conifer trees on the other.

In addition, I couldn’t take my eyes off the lush, daisy-filled meadows at Mushkpuri Top. We eventually arrived at the Mushkpuri top after a three-hour climb, and look! The long, somewhat tricky trek was worthwhile for the view.


Here are some tips for Mushkpuri top hiking:

Start early:

It’s best to start your hike early in the day to avoid the heat of the sun and to ensure you have enough time to reach the summit and return safely.

Check the weather forecast:

Before you go, check the weather forecast and trail conditions to make sure it’s safe to hike. Avoid hiking in hazardous conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds.

Gather necessary gear:

Make sure to bring enough food, water, and appropriate clothing and footwear for the hike. A first aid kit, map, and compass can also be useful.

Respect the environment:

Follow Leave No Trace principles and take all trash with you when you leave. Be mindful of the natural environment and avoid disturbing wildlife or vegetation.

By following these tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable hike to the summit of Mushkpuri Top.

Important Information About Mushkpuri

Mushkpuri Top Location in Pakistan

Mushkpuri Top is located in Pakistan, specifically in the Nathia Gali region of the Abbottabad District in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. It is part of the beautiful Galyat range in the Himalayas.

Nathia Gali to Mushkpuri Top Distance

The distance from Nathia Gali to Mushkpuri Top is approximately 4 kilometers. It’s a popular trekking destination, and the hike offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Nathia Gali Hiking Track

The hiking track from Nathia Gali to Mushkpuri Top is a well-marked trail that passes through lush green forests and meadows. It’s a moderately challenging hike suitable for both beginners and experienced trekkers.

Mushkpuri Top View

From the summit of Mushkpuri Top, you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including the Himalayas and the Kashmir Valley. The view is especially breathtaking during sunrise and sunset.

Mushkpuri Top Track

The track to Mushkpuri Top is a well-maintained trail that winds its way through the forested slopes, gradually ascending to the summit. It is a popular trekking route known for its natural beauty.

Mushkpuri Top Tour

Many tour operators offer guided tours to Mushkpuri Top, which typically include transportation, a guided hike, and the opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of the area. These tours are a great way to experience the trek.

Mushkpuri Top Time from Islamabad

The driving time from Islamabad to Nathia Gali, the starting point for the Mushkpuri Top trek, is approximately 3-4 hours, depending on road conditions and traffic. The hike from Nathia Gali to Mushkpuri Top can take around 2-3 hours, depending on your pace.

Mushkpuri Top in Winter

In winter, Mushkpuri Top is covered in snow, offering a completely different and magical experience. However, hiking during this season requires proper winter gear, and the trail may be more challenging due to snow and icy conditions.

Mushkpuri Top in Summer

Summer is an ideal time to visit Mushkpuri Top when the weather is pleasant and the landscape is lush and green. The trek is relatively easier during this season, making it suitable for families and nature enthusiasts.

Mushkpuri Top Hiking Time

The hiking time to reach Mushkpuri Top from Nathia Gali varies depending on your fitness level and pace. On average, it takes around 2-3 hours to complete the trek, making it a manageable day hike for most visitors.

Mushkpuri Top Hiking Distance

The hiking distance to Mushkpuri Top, situated in the Nathia Gali region of Pakistan, typically varies depending on the starting point. The most common trailhead begins at Dunga Gali. From there, the trek to Mushkpuri Top is approximately 3.7 kilometers (around 2.3 miles) one way. It is a moderate-level hike that can take about 2-3 hours to ascend.

Mushkpuri Top Height from Sea Level

Mushkpuri Top stands at an elevation of approximately 2,800 meters (9,200 feet) above sea level. It is one of the highest peaks in the Galiyat region of Pakistan and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Mushkpuri Top Height

Mushkpuri Top itself has an elevation of approximately 2,800 meters (9,200 feet) above sea level. It is renowned for being the second-highest peak in the Galiyat region, offering splendid vistas of lush green valleys and nearby peaks.

Mushkpuri Top Distance from Islamabad

The distance from Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, to Mushkpuri Top is approximately 80 kilometers (around 50 miles) via the Murree Expressway. The journey takes approximately 2-3 hours by road, making it a popular weekend destination for residents of Islamabad.

Mushkpuri Top Camping

Camping at Mushkpuri Top and its surrounding areas is a popular activity for nature enthusiasts. There are designated camping sites near the top, offering the opportunity to spend a night under the starry sky. However, it’s essential to obtain necessary permits and follow Leave No Trace principles to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Mushkpuri Top Abbottabad

Mushkpuri Top is located near Abbottabad in the Galiyat region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Abbottabad serves as a gateway to this picturesque hiking destination, and travelers often pass through Abbottabad on their way to Mushkpuri.

Mushkpuri Peak Nathia Gali Road

The road to Nathia Gali is the primary route to reach Mushkpuri Top. Nathia Gali is a popular hill station, and from there, you can access the trailhead for the hike to Mushkpuri Top.

How to Reach Mushkpuri Top

To reach Mushkpuri Top, you can start from Islamabad or other nearby cities and make your way to Nathia Gali. From Nathia Gali, follow the well-marked trail to the summit, which is a moderate hike suitable for most fitness levels.

Highest Point in Galiyat

Mushkpuri Top is the second-highest peak in the Galiyat region, making it one of the highest points in this scenic area of Pakistan. The highest point in Galiyat is Miranjani, which stands slightly taller than Mushkpuri.

Dunga Gali to Mushkpuri Top

Dunga Gali serves as one of the main starting points for the trek to Mushkpuri Top. The trail from Dunga Gali to the summit is well-maintained and offers hikers a beautiful journey through the forested hills.

Circle Bakote

Circle Bakote is a small village located near Nathia Gali, which is often passed through on the way to Mushkpuri Top. It’s a picturesque area and offers accommodation options for travelers exploring the Galiyat region.


The Mushkpuri peaks should be visited by everyone who wants to have a thrilling adventure. The Mushkpuri climb’s magnificent views of the surrounding trails contribute to its allure.

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