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Let’s Unwind With The Beauty Of Dunga Gali

Dunga Gali

Well, no doubt when it comes to traveling, so there are heaps of places available in the market, but the thing that attracts the people, especially the tourist, most is the place that gives them exposure to the natural scenic views and beauty. 

For travelling and experiencing nature’s beauty, Pakistan is a country fully enriched with loads of iconic views. Dunga Gali is also well-known and considered a must-visit spot point in Pakistan.

To consider this, today’s blog is based on the Dunga Gali, in which I highlight some of the main points that become the reason for this Dunga Gali spot attraction.

Donga Gali and its Range

First of all, Donga Gali is an ideal spot for hikers and trekkers. For those who love hiking and enjoy the mountainous range and scenic natural sunrise beauty, this is one of the spontaneous spots where they cannot just enjoy their hiking or trekking time but, on the other hand, also replenish their moods by enjoying the natural scenic views.

Secondly, this place is located in the range, the base camp of the top of the Mukshpuri, which is nine thousand and two hundred feet High Mountain. Despite this, for those who are coming for the first time, so for the sake of their guidance, this Donga Gali is located around eighty-seven kilometers from Rawalpindi (just after the Ayubia spot). Additionally, this donga Gali approximate elevation is nine thousand.

Galyat and Donga Gali

People often need clarification when they hear the Galyat name along with the donga Gali, but there isn’t any need to get confused as the donga Gali is one of the towns of the area Galyat. Secondly, those tourists who visit this donga Gali place also explore the Ayubia National Park. This place is especially ideal for those coming with their family and kids.

Donga Gali Pipeline Track

Another enticing spot for tourists to explore the trekking and nature beauty as well as to consider and take the donga Gali pipeline track. This is a 3.5-kilometer easy walking track from donga Gali to Ayubia, so tourists and visitors quickly complete this track within forty to fifty minutes.

Additionally, there are some other places near the donga Gali where people and their families and friends visit and enjoy nature without any fuss. 

Dunga Gali Hotels

Apart from the fun and exploring part, for tourists, the main hectic deal is to hunt the place where they can comfortably stay. So for this, Dunga Gali hotels are there, so then anyone of you can hunt and book the hotel as per your desire and requirement. But yes, as it’s a tourist spot, the rates of Dunga Gali hotels are higher than the causal routine bookings.

For this, you need to act wisely and quite calculative. The best deal is to do a bit of research survey before booking and then get an idea of which place or hotel offers you reliable and budget-friendly offers and then pick it according to your budget.

Isn’t it great? Indeed it is.

So this is all about the donga Gali spot. After reading the above facts, I hope you are clear about the main places that fascinate the tourists most about the donga Gali and why you should also visit the donga Gali when you plan any Murree or Ayubia trip.

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