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Tourist Guide of The PIA Park Murree

Pia Park Murree

PIA Park is a popular public park in Murree, a hill station in Pakistan’s Punjab province. It is located in the city’s heart and is easily accessible to visitors. It’s known for its magnificent scenery and recreational facilities. It is well-maintained and offers a range of amenities that visitors can enjoy. The park has a playground for children, picnic areas where visitors can relax and enjoy the natural surroundings, and a walking track for those who want to take a stroll. So, let’s explore more about this beautiful spot.

Who Laid the Foundation of PIA Park Murree

It’s worth noting that former Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef laid the park’s foundation on December 25, 2011. Since then, it has become a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a great place to relax and enjoy nature in the heart of Murree.

PIA Park Murree’s location

The PIA Park Murree offers panoramic views of the surrounding region, including the Murree highway, and is located on a cliff near Club Road, Bagh Shaheedan, Murree Cantt, Murree, Pakistan. The hills going to Kashmir and Murree can be seen in the distance.

From Murree, How do you reach  PIA Park?

It takes 10 minutes to get from Murree to PIA park through bank road, which is located 1.8 kilometres from Murree GPO. From Mall Road, it takes 20 minutes to walk to Kashmir Point in PIA Park.

The ideal time to visit PIA Park Murree

Off-season, August onwards, is the ideal time to visit PIA Park Murree. During these months, PIA Park is lush and green, with a wide variety of flowers and trees in bloom.

PIA Park Murree Timings

PIA Park Murree is open daily from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and it’s a perfect spot to visit if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. The park is easily accessible by foot from Mall Road, and it’s a popular destination for both locals and travellers. So, if you’re planning to visit the park, check the timings and enjoy the natural beauty and tranquillity.

PIA Park Murree EnterenceTicket

There is no entrance ticket required to enter PIA Park Murree. The park is open to the public, and visitors can enjoy its natural beauty and serene atmosphere. The park features lush lawns, beautiful flowers, and plenty of space for relaxation.

Beautiful Attractions at PIA Park Murree

PIA Park offers a wide range of activities, from walking and birding to picnics and just soaking in the breathtaking vistas. PIA Park is situated on a hilltop and provides panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery and take photos. Here are some of the attractions you can find in the park:

Garden of Flowers

The garden is a lovely place to unwind and is full of beautiful flowers. It is a popular location in the park. Some of the flowers found in the PIA park are:

Roses: The park has a variety of roses in different colours, such as red, pink, yellow, and white. These are some of the most common flowers in the park.

Marigolds: Marigolds are another popular flower found in the park. These flowers have bright orange and yellow colours and are often used for decoration and garlands.

Petunias: Petunias are small, trumpet-shaped flowers in various colours, including pink, purple, and white. They often add a splash of colour to the park’s gardens.

Daisies: Daisies are another common flower found in PIA Park. These flowers have a bright, cheery appearance and come in various colours, including yellow, white, and pink.

Lilies: Lilies are large, showy flowers in various colours, such as white, pink, and red. They often add a touch of elegance to the park’s landscaping.

Breathtaking View of the Kashmir Hills

In PIA Park Murree, you can take a breathtaking view of the Kashmir Hills, and it’s the perfect spot to spend a day with friends or family. The park is kept up beautifully and has several benches and gazebos to relax and enjoy the beauty. Families will also love it because there is a children’s play area. There are also several food stands where you may get snacks and beverages if you’re hungry.

Swings for Kids

The park has a designated playground area for children to play and have fun. The playground has swings, slides, climbing structures, and other play equipment suitable for children of different ages.

It’s an excellent opportunity for families seeking something to do because it has swings for kids and many other things. The playground area is surrounded by greenery and has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, making it an excellent place for families to spend time together.

Walking Pathways

The best feature of this park for relaxing and unwinding is the abundance of walking paths. The pathways are designed to take visitors through the beautiful natural surroundings of the park, providing them with a relaxing and peaceful experience.

The well-kept paths go through several gardens and natural settings. The park is crisscrossed with trails, allowing tourists to explore various areas. The pathways are equipped with benches where visitors can sit and rest. These are great spots to take a break, enjoy the scenery, and take photos.

Animals Statues

PIA Park in Murree is well-known for its beautiful and majestic artificial animal statues displayed throughout the park. These statues add to the park’s charm and create a memorable experience for visitors. The artificial animal statues in PIA Park add to the park’s magic and create a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors. They are worth taking a moment to appreciate and admire during your visit to the park.

Calm Seating Area

PIA Park in Murree, Pakistan, has a lovely peaceful sitting area that visitors can enjoy. This area is a great spot to relax. The peaceful sitting area in PIA Park is an excellent place for visitors to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the park’s surroundings. This area is a perfect spot to take a break and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the park.

Activities in PIA Park Murree

There are many things to do at PIA Park in Murree, Pakistan, a beautiful and popular tourist destination. Here are some of the best things you can do at the park:

Enjoy the natural beauty: PIA Park is known for its natural beauty, which includes trees, flowers, and the surrounding mountains. Visitors can walk along the park pathways, explore the garden of flowers, or sit in the peaceful sitting area and enjoy the scenery.

Children’s playground: The park has a designated area where kids can play on swings, slides, and other play equipment. This area is excellent for families with young children to spend time together.

Horse Riding: Horse riding is a popular activity in Murree, and visitors can enjoy horse rides at PIA Park.

Photography: PIA Park offers plenty of opportunities for enthusiasts to capture beautiful pictures of the natural surroundings, flowers, and other attractions.

Picnicking: The park has picnic tables and benches, making it a lovely place for families and friends to gather and enjoy a picnic. Visitors can bring their food and beverages and enjoy a meal in the park’s natural surroundings.

Relaxation: PIA Park is a great place to relax and unwind. Visitors can take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle and enjoy the park’s peaceful and serene atmosphere.

Does the Park Have a Café or Restaurant?

No, there is no restaurant or cafe inside PIA Park. It’s recommended to bring your food and drinks, such as water and snacks, especially if you plan to spend the best time in the park. While there may not be any food or drinks available for purchase inside PIA Park, bringing your refreshments can allow for a more relaxed and enjoyable experience while enjoying the park’s natural beauty and recreational activities.


If you plan on visiting PIA Park during peak hours, arriving early to secure parking near the entrance is a good idea. Since there is no official parking lot, visitors must park their cars along the road. Finding a parking spot during busy times can take time and effort.


PIA Park is a beautiful and peaceful place to visit in Kashmir Point, and it offers a great opportunity to connect with nature and unwind. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to read a book, take a leisurely walk, or have a picnic with your loved ones, PIA Park is an ideal destination.

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