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Exploring The Beauty of Ghora Gali

Ghora Gali

When it comes to traveling, how many of you guys think of traveling and exploring the land of northern Pakistan? Indeed it’s a desire of all of us to travel and explore the most iconic and mountainous high elevation beauty.

The land of Pakistan, especially the northern Pakistan, is highly recommended for the tourists spot because of its natural, scenic, and extremely undeniable beauty that’s why you guys have noticed that, in winter, heaps of national and international tourists come and visit the northern side of Pakistan. The reason behind this is simple; they consider it because they know the actual meaning of natural and scenic beauty.

To consider this, today’s article is all about the northern side spot in which I specifically talk about the Ghora Gali. This spot is one of the most well-known and famous places or you can say spot and tourist before exploring the other Murree and northern areas and hill station beauty also explore and visit this Ghora Gali place. The place itself has some prominent facts that make the tourist somehow keen to visit this place.

Instead of dragging this further, let’s get the ball rolling and unveil the hidden tremendous facts of the Ghora Gali together.

Overview of The Place Ghora Gali

This is one of the best mountainous town resorts of the Galyat area in northern Pakistan. The elevation of this place is 1691m and it’s located in the northeastern tip of Punjab. The place itself is a union council or you can say a subdivision administrative office of (Murree Tehsil) in Murree district.

Ghora Gali Chair Lift

Once you visit any local and northern place in Pakistan, one thing that fascinates the tourists most about the northern areas is the chair lift experience. It’s a desire of every tourist to experience the chair lift once in their life because through this a tourist can easily enjoy and see the clear aerial view of that place from his naked eyes.

Same goes with this place ghora gali. There is also an aerial lift or you can say a chair lift which is available for the tourists so if you want to explore the scenic beauty more clearly then I recommend you guys to consider and try the ghora gali chair lift. This spot is situated near to the waterfall Murree and the Bansra Forest.  With this 1,100m long ghora gali chair lift you can explore so many hidden beauty and iconic spots. Despite this, most people prefer to consider this ghora gali chair lift when they want to visit Pindi point.

So in case if you are planning to visit ghora gali with your dear ones then ensure that this ghora gali chair lift thing is included in your to do list.

Lawrence College Ghora Gali

Apart from the Ghora gali Murree and chair lift, there are some other places as well in ghora gali that you as a tourist must know and visit and among them Lawrence college ghora gali is also on the top of the list.

Those who visit Murree must visit this Lawrence college ghora gali place because this place itself has a lot to tell. Especially if you are a history freak and love to explore and know the back history facts then this place is for you to explore.

This college is located in the foothills of the pir panjal and Himalayas along with a height of around one thousand five hundred and fifty meters which is (6395 feet) right above from the sea level.

This place covers the area of around one hundred and fifty acres and just four kilometers away from Murree and approximately fifty seven kilometers away from Islamabad/ Rawalpindi.

Back in 1973 this college was known by the name of Pine Hills, later on in 1979 this college was known as the Lawrence college ghora gali. But despite this all, the standard and the rules for this college is still the same and maintained under the banner of their regulations.

So, if you plan and visit the ghora gali then ensure that you also visit this college by yourself without any asking.

Cadet College Ghora Gali

Another thing that makes this ghora gali place more prominent is because of the Cadet College ghora gali. This cadet college is also located there where every year thousands of cadets get enrolled and get education along with the growing learning environment of physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual structure.

Long story short, apart from the iconic nature and thrilling places there are also some historic and cultural or learning spots and institutes that not just make this ghora gali place prominent but also become the center of attraction for tourists as well.So, what else do you want to know? If you are really willing to explore these spots then without any second thought go and plan your trip and explore these historic and stupendous places in Ghora Gali and make some memorable moments with your dear ones.

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