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A Tourist’s Guide to Khanaspur | What to See and Do

Khanaspur Murree

Well, when it comes to traveling and exploring, there are loads of places in Pakistan, especially in northern areas where you and your dear ones can easily go and explore and make some great and memorable memories. But what if I tell you about a place that is not just good and worthwhile for your traveling but also gives you a replenishing and soothing feeling as well? Indeed you guys would love to know about this.

So instead of dragging this further, let’s get the ball rolling and move towards our today’s best travel destination place/ spot. Today’s article is all about the place which is known by the name of Khanaspur.

What makes Khanaspur prominent?

Khanaspur is one of the beautiful and iconic spots in the northern area. This spot is located in the Galyat area of Pakistan. This place is well-known and prominent because of its mountainous scenic view and surroundings. People who visit the Ayubia and northern Murree area side must visit the Khanaspur, because they know that the Khanaspur is located in the district of Abbottabad which is under the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Let’s take a bot more deep dive about this Khanaspur spot so the latitude of this place is 34.021 whereas the longitude of this spot is around 73.427.

Despite this the alternative name or you can say people know this Khanaspur because of its landscape and gardens. As the spot itself has so many gardens that’s why the other name of this place is the land of gardens.

Rest, you think and quite concerned about the accommodations and staying so no need to get worried as the place itself has some comfortable staying and accommodation options so you along with your dear ones easily spend comfortable nights without any fuss, fear, hurdle or distraction.

Additionally, during the time of the British rule Khanaspur was occupied by the detachment of the British infantry so if you are history freak so these little things will increase your interest about visiting there plus, some the local or main areas of this Khanaspur are including DHARA, RIYAAL, LONGAAL, and DARWAZA.

Last Words

Long story short, if you really want to explore or visit the place that gives you a perfect resort night skyline mountainous view, along with the covered of tall trees, bright morning and chilly evenings then without any second thought this place is an ideal and must visit deal to do.

Finally, after reading the facts about Khanaspur, if you feel this is not enough, or you want to know something in detail about this spot then feel free to write to me.

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